Microsoft Azure cloud solutions
Microsoft Azure cloud solutions

bring big business tools to small businesses and make infrastructure costs more affordable for big businesses.

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When it comes to running your business infrastructure in the Cloud, it's important to choose a partner that you can rely on. RyanTech's expert U.S. based support team will design a solution that fits your company's needs. We offer tried and true Azure solutions and Cloud best practices for custom development. We can make your infrastructure more affordable, more efficient and more reliable. Best of all, we manage it for you.

Use Cases

  • Cloud computing - using a thin client (even an iPad) to access a lightning fast VM in Azure as your desktop.
  • Our security tool uses artificial intelligence to monitor activity on your Office 365 users and alerts you of potentially dangerous activity.
  • Power your website, mobile app, or software at a reasonable monthly rate instead of a large overhead on servers. We will even manage it and consult you on the best practices in Azure.


  • Advanced security. Information security and compliance to keep your business safe.
  • Highly trained specialized teams. We take care of the heavy lifting.
  • Cloud based data. Your information is available where you are: whether that's at your office, home, or on the road.
  • Usage scale. Only pay for what you use. For example: containerization in Azure only incurs cost when triggered by an operation. Memory: $0.0000015 per GB-s | vCPU: $0.0000135 per vCPU-s
  • No equipment needed. No more managing servers to operate your business. Not only do we manage it for you, but we bring the data to you.
  • Backups. We provide backups of your on premises and Cloud solutions with the option to run your on premises backups in the Cloud if you have a hardware failure for as low as $5 per month.
  • Development support. Lean on our support when your development team gets stuck, has an issue, or needs help. Don't have a team? No problem we can handle any development task.
  • Assurance. We make sure that experienced development teams are getting the most out of Azure with cost, security, and code deployment pipelines.
  • Pitch your idea to Microsoft. We can even assist in getting your idea heard by Microsoft for assistance on funding and resources!
  • Get more for your investment. We charge the same as Microsoft, but we offer exclusive personalized highly trained tech support.

We Speak Cloud

Our dedication is to the cause of truly helping our customer's business flourish by fine-tuning their own business operations.

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