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Why You Should Consider a Migration From On-Premise to the Cloud

​So we've recently been talking a lot about migrations and moving into the cloud (hopefully you've read ALL of our blogs :D). Why? Because the cloud is becoming more relevant and necessary while on-premise servers and storage are becoming less. In the world today, and with what businesses have gone through in the last two years, the cloud is your friend and will get you through some hard times. It behooves businesses to be set up and ready to go in the cloud ASAP. Let's dive a little deeper into why it's beneficial to operate in the cloud and, if you aren't there yet, hopefully this helps you and your business move a bit closer to the goal of cloud operation. 

Moving your business into the cloud does not have many disadvantages, if any, compared to what you are currently operating from with on-premise servers. Yes, taking on a cloud migration can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if your business is extremely bought in with on-premise solutions, but that can't be the deterring reason since it offers so many advantages. Here's a short list of benefits of operating in the cloud:

  1. Cost Savings - Maybe the most important aspect to any business. You will certainly save money in time, hardware and storage costs
  2. NO MORE SERVERS! - The cloud is certainly robust enough to handle any data that you are storing in on-premise servers, so why keep them? Server racks can take up a lot of room and can be a lot to manage. This will save space, costs, maintenance, etc. No more buying expensive servers just to have to buy another within x amount of years when it dies on you.
  3. Easily Scalable - The cloud can take on a lot of data, certainly all of the data you have on your physical servers, plus some. Scaling up a physical server when you run out of space is a little more work and money as you'll have to buy and add hard drives to accommodate the extra data. In the cloud, we can click a button a boost the amount of data that can be stored. Super easy!
  4. Access Information From Anywhere With Ease - With data in the cloud, your employees can be anywhere in the world and still access their email and important files to get work done. No need for a VPN or other avenue to access servers in the office.

I know what you might be thinking: "This makes sense and seems like a great idea, but I can't do this myself!" Luckily, you have a partner like RyanTech to help with everything.  Aside from being able to migrate the data with and for you at zero cost, we can also help support, protect and optimize your Azure environment once everything is in the cloud. We have US based support that will be able to help with any issues or needs, and if we can't get it done ourselves, we can access our Premier Support with Microsoft and have one of their techs take a look. 

We have years of cloud experience and can certainly guide you in the right direction, so let us know if you're wanting to go this route, and we will be here for you every step of the way!

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