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Why You Need a Good Spam Filter

As spam filters for your business e-mail are becoming the norm, it's important to know why more and more businesses are moving to solutions outside of the default spam filters built in to your current e-mail platform. Bad actors are continuing to find new and creative ways to gain information through email and users are handing over that information pretty freely. With that said, it is imperative you do what it takes to protect your business and users with a solid spam filter solution, but why do you really need one? Let's find out.

Phishing attempts are the number one way bad actors can gain access to personal or business information. They will send e-mails to specific users in your business (or the entire company) asking for sensitive info like login credentials or financial information, and they look very legit. Some may look like they come direct from Microsoft asking for Office 365 credentials, or even your CEO asking to purchase thousands of dollars in gift cards! We've seen it all. Our Cloud Protect Spam Filter can greatly hinder the amount of these phishing attempts to your inbox and here's how:

  1. It can block senders' domains that are spoofed
  2. Detects unverified senders
  3. Informs the user of external emails. This comes in the form of an automatic badge that's applied to each e-mail that comes in outside of your organization
  4. Puts any e-mail not meeting set standards into Junk
  5. Reads the subject and body of e-mail to gauge tone and mark it accordingly
In addition, another reason to have a spam filter like Cloud Protect is to scan each attachment that comes in with e-mails. These types of attachments are very easily compromised when sent back and forth through e-mail, and bad actors can gain information this way as well. A good spam filter will detect this and block the attachment from coming through at all. This helps prevent the risk of the users opening the attachment and applying the virus to their account/PC.

Putting security precautions like this in place for your business are more important than ever. We understand that these types of solutions can go overlooked, and even doubted, when looking at e-mail security for your business, so it's important to know why this type of solution is smart to consider. We try our best to keep your business and sensitive information as secure as possible and will walk you through it every step of the way.

If you'd like to learn more about our Cloud Protect Spam Filter, reach out to us here

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