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Why Microsoft Teams is a Better Fit for your Company Over Zoom

To date, dozens of security problems have been identified on Zoom.

Zoom serves a great purpose for the service it provides. With many schools moving to it because of its simplicity to operate and setup, it's a perfect fit. Security tends to be a top concern for most businesses and Zoom isn't a great fit for companies focused on protecting their users:

  • Zoom has advanced its security measures significantly in the last 6 months due to major breaches and the loss of personal information disclosed on video calls. However, Zoom still leaves much unprotected for your business according to Forbes and tomsguide.com.
  • Microsoft Teams is built on Azure Active Directory user management and authentication. Azure AD for short, has become one of the most popular and most secure solutions for authentication with significant customization available to maximize your business security. From conditional access policies that require atypical login IP's to provide multiple measures for sign in to a more simplified setting, enabling multi-factored authentication.



Teams integrates with your entire Microsoft ecosystem. Teams meetings are integrated into and can be created from your Outlook calendar. In addition, your phone on Teams can also become your primary office phone allowing employees to have a secondary phone number on their personal phone. Currently, Zoom has no solution for these offerings from Teams.


Teams focuses on becoming your one-stop shop to get your job done. We recommend configuring Teams to focus on a business by department. That way a Salesperson heads to the Sales Team where everything they need to do their job is there, greatly reducing the time associated with employee onboarding.


If you'd like to learn more or get a free demo on how this can be implemented for your business reach out here. We provide Teams customization at no additional cost to our customers.

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