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Why Hiring a Professional for Cloud Migrations is Best

​Have you ever attempted to do a cloud migration on your own? They are certainly not easy and can be very involved. Cloud migrations are important to get right because it involves the transfer of important, and sometimes sensitive, business data that would devastating to a user or business if lost. That's why RyanTech ALWAYS recommends hiring experienced professionals to do the migrations for your business.

We have had many customers come to us because someone in the business attempted to do a cloud or email migration themselves and they either hit a stopping point that they cannot get passed or have messed it up altogether. These are always more complicated to tackle than if a professional started the migration from the beginning. Migrations come in all types: on-prem to cloud, tenant to tenant, provider to provider, etc., and they all come with their separate processes and complications.

The difference in migration process between an inexperienced person and a professional is immense. Most likely, the professional has gone through most, if not all, of the problems an inexperienced person will have to address, and the professional will know exactly how to get through those. It really all starts with having a great plan for the migration before starting. With experience, these are easy to draw out and follow. Once planned out, there are many other things that need to be taken into account like: how much data is being migrated, proper communication to the end users, making sure ALL data is migrated to the new host, knowing when it is appropriate to do the cutover, and many more. All of these items can have a huge effect on how well the migration goes and how long it takes.

Cloud and Email migrations are a very sensitive thing that businesses can go through since it involves all things that businesses hold dear, sensitive data and emails. We want to make sure that these are done properly to help businesses avoid any unnecessary hiccups, downtime or data loss. If this is something that you are experiencing or have hit a place in your own migration that you cannot figure out how to move forward, reach out to RyanTech. We are happy to see if we can pick up where you left off and help finish an already started migration. Of course, we always suggest picking up the phone before going down the rabbit hole. :)

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