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The Importance of Email Security

Since RyanTech started offering email services back in 1998 we’ve learned a thing or two about email security. In 1998 email was an after thought and the joke of the internet was that it was a “fad”. Well we’ve been with you the entire journey and we all know that email is the backbone of the communication of your business, it’s extremely important that those email accounts don’t end up in the wrong hands. Once more, with email services being tied into your main account across your business, it’s more important than ever.


Typically, hackers target these accounts so they can gain access to important information and hold it ransom in return for money. We’ve been seeing more intelligent attempts to hold data ransom in the last few years and made some changes to how we approach email security.


The solution doesn’t end with how do I keep my password safe? The solution needs to be developed around the idea that your password is already compromised. We ask ourselves this question every time we dive into a security assessment and solution, my password is compromised, now what? In situations where users have the same password for their personal accounts, business accounts, and access to important company data it becomes urgent. Personal accounts typically don’t have as many safeguards as business accounts and if your password was stolen for your personal account, it’s only a matter of time until your business account is too.



In developing a solution that keeps our clients safe we focus on daily management of our client's tenants. From reporting, to alerts, to physical people looking over anomalies that pop up to keep this data safe. Your business is only as reliable as it is secure. 60% of businesses close within 6 months after a cyber-attack.

Don’t be a statistic. If you’re interested in hearing more reach out to us by using our chat or giving us a call at 866-804-9040.

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