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RyanTech Device Procurement and Provisioning Service

​Yup, you read that right! RyanTech has a new service for device procurement and provisioning!  We know that obtaining new PC's for your employees can be daunting, especially when you consider that they have to set up properly, too. It also makes it even harder if you do not have an IT team to assist with this. That's exactly why we want to take that burden from you. Let's talk about how this works.

What is Device Procurement and Provisioning?

Essentially, we are obtaining PC's for your users and provisioning them to have exactly what is needed upon login. When you add this service with us, we customize it based on your needs by discussing what kind of PC's you prefer to use as well as what needs to be on the PC's upon arrival to the user. We have multiple relationships with manufacturers that we can leverage to get PC's at reasonable pricing and then provision for you before shipping to the end user.

We use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to provision the PC's so they come to you exactly how they are needed. There is little to no work on your end as the user simply needs to sign in with their Microsoft credentials once they receive the PC. We can set up many different policies in Endpoint Manager that can install Microsoft and 3rd party applications, security policies, software and drivers, etc. The possibilities are endless and it ensures that every PC sent your way from us comes exactly the same based on the direction that was given to us. The best part? All the user needs to do once they receive the PC is login. That's it! Everything they will need is there for them to access immediately.

What does this process look like?

We're glad you asked :)

It's a very simple process for you and the end user as we are doing most of the work. First, we will consult with you on what kind of device(s) is ordered and what needs to be on the device once it gets to the end user. Once that is confirmed and approved, we are off to the races. We even have an automated form that can be filled out by you to request the PC, and it gets sent straight to us to order same day. Here is how the process goes:

  1. Form gets filled out by you and sent to us - Fields include user name and email, manager name and email, date PC is needed, type of PC, shipping address, etc. These fields can be customized per your direction.
  2. ​RyanTech receives the submitted form and orders PC - We try to order these same day, if possible, and do our best to get it to you by the requested date.
  3. ​RyanTech receives the PC - We set up the shipping so the PC comes to us first for provisioning. We boot the PC and make sure it is enrolled in Endpoint Manager and all policies successfully run.
  4. ​Ship to end user once provisioned - When we have it ready to go and all is confirmed on our end, we ship this to the end user with expedited shipping.
  5. End user logs into the PC - Once the end user receives the PC, all they do is log in and....VOILA! Everything they need is already right there for them.

We are always looking for ways to take tasks away from our busy customers, and this was just another way to accomplish that. Hopefully, this can ease the pain and headache of getting your employees new devices and setting them up. If this is something that has been a thorn in your side for far too long, reach out to us! We can do a free consultation on how this will work for you and discuss all the ins and outs of the process. We're here to help your business be as efficient as possible when it comes to cloud IT.

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