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Reasons Why Your Company Should Migrate to the Cloud Today

​The Cloud can seem like a complex thing and you will hear many people say that they can't actually define it, but we are seeing more and more businesses move into the cloud from on-premise solutions. But why? There are so many reasons why the cloud is the right fit vs. on-premise, or other, solutions and the advantages are endless. Businesses are coming to this realization more and more, and if you are on the fence about it, it's probably time to pull the trigger. 

First, let's go over what the cloud is since it's beneficial to know what you may be getting yourself into. Per Microsoft's definition, the cloud it's a global network of servers, all with their own unique set of functions. These servers can manage and store data, manage applications and/or deliver content and services. These servers can then be accessed from any device, in any location, as long as there is internet connection to that device. Basically, it's a server(s) that you cannot see and is not in your building, that can store all of your sensitive business data as well as host services like email, and you can access it from anywhere whether in the office, at home or traveling with your family on a lovely beach vacation.

The advantages to the cloud and storing/managing your data this way are through the roof. There are so many reason why switching to the cloud is best for your company and the employees that are using it daily. Let's go over some of the most important advantages here:

  1. Cost management and lower costs - This may be the biggest and most popular advantage that people find when switching over to the cloud. You'll find that there are minimal hardware costs as there are no more servers to manage and maintain, fewer IT personnel needed to manage things and it's much less expensive to manage.
  2. Access data/email from anywhere - This advantage may be as important as the one above, if not more. This is why most business are realizing that the cloud is an important asset to have and are making the switch as quickly as possible. With more businesses moving to remote work, this ensures that that can be done seamlessly and all employees will be able to access their accounts and data daily without having to login to a physical server in the office.
  3. Security - No more storing of important files or emails on a physical server, or worse yet, an employee's actual PC. With this type of on-premise storage, it makes it easier for hackers and bad actors to gain access. In the cloud, data is being stored on the vendor's cloud servers that are extremely secure and being accessed over the internet. It is also VERY easy to increase security components to your cloud storage via a simple addition of a license of click of a button.
  4. Flexible and Scalable - The cloud can be customized to your needs at the click of a button. It is very easily scalable and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed and when priorities shift. For instance, if a business is using Azure to store data or access applications within the cloud, if there is a need for speed (so to speak), your CSP or cloud provider can increase the compute power by simply checking the right box or toggling the correct switch. Piece of cake!
  5. Increased collaboration - The cloud makes it possible to share, edit and collaborate on documents and data in real time. Users can simply share a document with other users and all can be editing and making notes at the same time. No need to pass documents back and forth through email and then waiting to get an email back with edits or adjustments, which also can help with security since passing documents through email multiple times can cause corruption.
  6. Decreased management - Having data in the cloud will lessen the amount of management that needs to be done in a number of places. No more server management needed. No more updates to perform. No more extra hard drives to increase storage capacity. No more bulky server racks to keep clean and organized....just to name a few.

These are only a few of the advantages that you will see with moving to the cloud, but are some of the most important and popular. The cloud is the way of the future and will not be going away any time soon. It's here to stay and RyanTech wants you to be on the forefront of this extremely useful business tool. We are here to help in any way and even offer free consultations if you still have some lingering questions. Hopefully, this has helped you see the bright light shining down from that big puffy cloud in the sky.

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