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Office 365 Migration Steps

ā€‹Migrating email to Office 365 can be a risky undertaking for a business to do itself. With email making up a majority of outgoing and incoming communication for a business, it can mean thousands of dollars lost for every minute email is down. That's why we've outlined our approach to email migration below. If you have any questions or looking to put together a migration strategy we offer free consulting on mail migration even if you don't use us. 

Steps to a Successful Office 365 Migration

  1. Hello call! Our first step is to introduce everyone involved in a migration and understand the makeup of the current system. For example, G-Suite has different "Categories" than Office 365, requiring a mapping strategy of how these will show up in Office. We get a list of users, groups, email addresses, etc prior to building any game plan.
  2. Prepare the domain. We build the Office 365 portal for you to test and get used to. Prior to any data showing up we want to familiarize your team with Office 365.
  3. Add user accounts. Once this step is completed we run a test migration. We will migrate a small percentage to confirm everything is working as expected.
  4. Once the initial migration is completed (email and file data), we begin the process of comparing sample data to it's source. At this point we sync the current email platform with Office 365 to pull any new data into Office 365.
  5. Cut over to Office 365. All users will now start using their new mailbox and apps.
  6. Review configuration and policies of Office 365. We have a 50 item checklist for default security we implement to maintain safety. 

Although this is our standard approach to an email migration, every company is different. Some organizations require training or compliance policies that have to be met. If you're considering a migration to Office 365 reach out to our team on our live chat below.

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