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Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365

​Do you currently have your Microsoft 365 licensing with GoDaddy and are looking into switching providers? Or are you using GoDaddy and don't know much about them? Customers come to RyanTech every day wanting to migrate off of GoDaddy and into a tenant with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and we are always happy to help. 

There are some things that businesses should know when migrating away from GoDaddy into a CSP as well as what the difference is between the two. Migrating from GoDaddy into a CSP is a bit of a different process than coming from other providers, such as direct from Microsoft since GoDaddy has a little more control over your tenant than other providers may have. 

Here are the steps that we take when migrating into a CSP from GoDaddy:

  1. Setup a new Office 365 tenant - We set this up in our CSP and use it to migrate the GoDaddy data into it
  2. Set up all necessary accounts, groups, sites, etc. - We set this up in the new O365 tenant and license as needed. Initially, we can only use a .onmicrosoft.com address since a domain cannot exist in two different tenants. The original domain is moved over and the accounts are updated upon the final cutover
  3. Gain Global Admin access to the GoDaddy tenant - This is provided by the customer upon them requesting this of GoDaddy. This access helps us to gain the data needed to migrate
  4. Set up the migration batches - This helps to migrate the data in pieces from GoDaddy to the new O365 tenant. Migrating in batches helps with the speed of the migration and to prevent errors during the process
  5. Add domain to the new tenant and cutover mail flow/services - We do the cutover once the end users confirm that the data looks good on the new tenant
  6. Migration Complete!

Here are some items that are good to know when using GoDaddy as your Microsoft 365 license provider:

  1. GoDaddy does not offer the full suite of Microsoft 365 licenses - They have a very limited selection of licensing that costs more than a CSP so it makes it a bit harder to customize the licenses to your business needs. CSP's can offer the entire suite of products.
  2. Tenant is hosted with GoDaddy, not Microsoft - GoDaddy hosts the licenses on their own managed tenant as opposed to officially being a Microsoft hosted tenant. This can lead to a bit more difficult and expensive migration process if/when that time comes.
  3. Locked down Administrative features - GoDaddy has full control over the tenant and locks down certain Administrative functions from the users/admins. This leads to less admin customization and to having to contact GoDaddy to make changes more often than desired.

If you are interested in migrating from GoDaddy into the RyanTech CSP, or simply would like to learn more about the process, please reach out to us at https://ryantechinc.com/contact. We are here to help in any way that we can and want to make sure that we make our customers feel comfortable with a quick and reliable migration.

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