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Migrate From G Suite to Office 365

ā€‹Migrating email from G Suite to Office 365 can be tricky due to some of the differences in how email works between the two. For example, Gmail has "Categories" where Outlook doesn't. With differences like this, it helps to build a strategy around your specific usage of Gmail and your planned usage of Office 365.

Steps of a Successful G Suite to Office 365 Migration

  1. Understand the differences. It's important to detail the differences of your current G Suite configuration and how you want to configure those changes in Office 365. With how ambiguous this phase can be, we recommend building a strategy with a provider like us or conducting research in detail on the differences between both email platforms.
  2. Prepare your new environment. Your new Office 365 environment is a fresh start for your infrastructure to be built from. We recommend spending some time outlining SharePoint site structure, folder structure, naming conventions, etc. If these are outlined prior to a move, we can help implement those changes during a migration.
  3. Test it! With any type of technology... we always stress testing before moving to production. Test a small batch of users with these new rules and make sure you're happy with the outcome.
  4. Cutover to Office 365. All users can not be set up on Office 365. With our migration solutions, we sync your old data to Office 365 with daily updates. This is in case new data shows up in G Suite after the migration.
  5. Review configuration and policies of Office 365. At this point, we utilize a 50 item checklist we created that reviews security and efficiency for your organization prior to completion.

If you're considering a migration to Office 365, please reach out to our team on our live chat below for a risk-free consultation.

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