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Microsoft 365 will be available for purchase as a one-time option

Microsoft's recent announcement solidifies the speculation: the forthcoming version of Office, officially known as Microsoft 365, will be available for purchase as a one-time option in addition to the subscription model. This strategic shift marks a departure from the previous subscription-only approach and aims to offer users more flexibility in choosing their preferred licensing model.

The upcoming release, Office 2024, is slated for launch later this year and will introduce several notable features and enhancements. Notably, Microsoft will offer a Mac version of Office 2024, catering to a broader range of users across different platforms. Moreover, Office 2024 will boast compatibility with 32- and 64-bit systems, ensuring seamless integration with various computing environments.

In a blog post discussing the forthcoming Office LTSC 2024 preview, Microsoft underscored its commitment to providing options for different user segments. Microsoft will offer Office LTSC as a perpetual license for commercial customers and public authorities, guaranteeing five-year support and updates. This move aims to address the specific needs of organizations requiring long-term stability and predictability in their software environments.

However, for private users, Microsoft intends to release Office 2024 as a non-subscription version, adhering to the traditional one-time purchase model. Notably, Microsoft emphasizes that there will be no changes in pricing for this standalone version, ensuring continuity for users accustomed to this licensing model.

Key highlights of Office 2024 include its availability for purchase as a one-time payment, along with continued support and updates for five years. Additionally, including a Mac version and support for 32- and 64-bit systems underscores Microsoft's commitment to enhancing accessibility and compatibility across diverse computing platforms.
Key highlights of Office 2024 include:
  • Available for purchase as a one-time payment
  • Support and updates provided for five years
  • Compatibility with macOS alongside Windows 10 (excluding ARM devices)
  • Continued support for 32-bit systems
  • Pricing remains unchanged
While Office 365 subscription model subscribers will benefit from regular updates and new features, users opting for the standalone version will receive essential security and maintenance updates. This delineation caters to users' varying needs and preferences, providing options tailored to different usage scenarios.

Looking ahead, Microsoft plans to make the preview of Office LTSC 2024 available to testers in April 2024. Notably, Microsoft is discontinuing Microsoft Publisher, and Teams will be offered as a separate download, reflecting the company's evolving approach to its productivity suite and software distribution strategy.

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