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How Car Dealers Save Time with Microsoft 365

How Car Dealers Save Time With Microsoft 365


As a car dealer, time can be expensive. That's why more dealers are moving to the Cloud with RyanTech than ever before and Covid has only fast-tracked that. 

We see time savings in Microsoft 365 for our Automotive clients in a few major ways:

  1. Streamlined Communication makes all the difference in the world instead of sending emails back and forth internally or employees texting each other to get stuff done communication can happen on the same platform for calls, IM's, meetings and document storage. You can even automate manual tasks inside the same platform. -> The solution here is Microsoft Teams.
  2. Combining third party fragmented solutions into one platform to save money and improve overall efficiency.
  3. With a guaranteed 99.9% up time by Microsoft, you won't be fumbling in an outage to get work done.
  4. Collaborate simultaneously with other coworkers on documents or projects.
  5. RyanCare Support fixes problems that may come up and is proactive about your security, preventing a time consuming breach of data.


When new car stores move fully to the Cloud, it generally yields a 12% time savings in mundane tasks from each user on average. Our goal with bringing the Cloud to a dealership is: minimize outages, integrate all platforms for ease of use/access, and lower your I.T. cost.

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