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Last weekend I was busy enjoying time away from my desk as some friends and I decided to drive to a remote mountain and lake thus requiring us to test the capabilities of our trucks a bit. When we were sitting at one of the lakes, I got a notification and as anyone often does, checked to see what it was. I was surprised to see one of my workflow automations for a Power Bi report had an error.

Now… typically at RyanTech, we expect our staff to NOT spend time working on the weekends unless it’s actually necessary, however I can’t help myself from a good mystery.

As I was taking a look at the issue, I took a moment to realize what I was doing. I am standing next to a remote lake in the middle of nowhere, on my iPad through cellular connection, accessing AI managed workflow automation to change a couple lines of code. Before the Cloud this wasn’t something I could’ve said. Previously, I’d need to jump through hoops and remote into a server from a laptop that had a cellular network card I’d have to beg to have signal, plus I wouldn’t have AI watching the workflow and analyzing the data for me! Nowadays, I get a push notification to my phone which is synced to my tablet, that when clicked I can access my workflow automation directly and best of all SECURELY!

Sometimes I wonder what the future will be like and sometimes I think about how the future is now. Managing business operations from the Cloud has transformed how we do things at RyanTech and it’s the next step for any business looking to be more efficient and more successful.

Plus who doesn't want this view while working?

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