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Cloud Protect New Features 10.22

At RyanTech, we take a lot of pride in our proprietary security tool called Cloud Protect, and we are constantly trying to make it better with updates and changes. We have written previous blogs explaining what Cloud Protect is and how it can help secure your business , but if you haven't heard about it yet, check this out: RyanTech Cloud Protect​

When you enroll in Cloud Protect with us, we give you full transparency in what the tool is doing as well as control over specific features that you can do yourself in our Cloud Protect Portal. You can go to the portal to see how the tool is doing with analytics, security overviews, etc. This month, we have made some pretty substantial changes and updates that we think make the experience that much better:

Summary Dashboard - This takes a snapshot of your company's security for a quick overview. You can look at things like sign-ons by location on a map to get a glimpse of unusual activity, as well as common apps being signed in to by your users.

Detailed manual modification of Spam Filter settings - Not only does our AI review things regularly to keep this information as accurate as possible, but it allows you to manually make spam filter score changes as needed.

Secure Score - Along with Microsoft's secure score rating from Azure, we incorporate a rating of your company's security in relation to all of your Microsoft cloud products. With this score, we partner with you to increase security across your organization.

Cloud Protect has helped many of our customers stay secure and detect threats before they become a major problem. We want to ensure that our customers are protected with the best security tools possible, and we think Cloud Protect is one of those tools. We are constantly improving the tool and dashboard, while also making changes based on security items we see need to be addressed. Look for more updates soon!!

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