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Why Your Competition is Getting Ahead if You Haven't Migrated to Office 365

ā€‹Office 365 is the fastest-growing Cloud platform with over 200 million active users. Here's why your competition is ahead if you're not on Office 365 yet.

1. Migrating to Office 365 is step 1 of a much larger journey

The sooner you migrate to Office 365 the better. Office 365 is a building block that allows your business to scale at an enormous rate. No other platform can fulfill the needs of compliance, applications, and communication the way Office 365 can. That means if you're not on Office 365 yet working towards scaling these items, your competition is. Your business can only grow as fast as your weakest link, don't let your software get in the way.

2. No other platform has the integration, scalability, or compute power that Office 365 does

Microsoft's Azure and Office 365 allow for 10,000+ user organizations to build transaction apps at scale, behind robust security practices and geo-replication across the world. A 10 user company could accomplish the same thing and only Microsoft provides the platform and partners to fit both businesses perfectly.

3. Microsoft says to use partners

Time and time again, Microsoft has said customers should use CSP partners to adopt Office 365. The primary goal of a CSP is to be a managed solution around a customer's needs. This is how Microsoft is able to integrate into each industry so effectively. At RyanTech we are a Tier 1 Direct CSP, meaning we operate directly with Microsoft and our customers. We customize your Microsoft platform to fit your exact business. Through automation, compliance, and custom development we take efficiency to the next level. When partnering with RyanTech, our customers on average see a 31% increase in productivity with increased integration and process automation throughout their business.

4. Can't I just use Google Workspace?

We're a Google partner also. Although Google has a cloud platform for communication and applications, it's a better fit for out-of-the-box implementations. For example, an e-commerce business that needs email and Google docs. However, is not a good fit for a Honda dealership that needs to adopt specific compliance requirements.

If you'd like to learn more about Office 365 we offer free consulting. Reach out on our live chat below.

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