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A couple uses dealership's wifi to browse vehicles

How Secure is Your Dealership's WiFi


Do you offer your customers WiFi at your dealership? If you do, it adds a huge attraction for service customers waiting around while their vehicle is worked on. In fact, almost 80% of people who visit a business with free WiFi are more likely to use that business again according to purple.com. Personally, I've been more likely to use a dealership that has public WiFi for the sole purpose of working from the waiting room.


What kind of security do you have in place to prevent intruders from gaining access to your network? Email? Customer data? It can be easy to intercept traffic on WiFi if not setup correctly. Norton calls public WiFi a "hacker's playground for stealing personal information." We offer affordable service to configure and manage your onsite network and put a few rules to follow below.

  1. Always separate your free WiFi traffic from your internal traffic.
  2. Require some type of opt-in from the user. If you're open to using social media opt-in, our FaceBook required Check-in is a great way to prevent fraudulent activity as the user is identifiable.
  3. Always update and maintain your equipment so that it is always up to date.


A free assessment of your current network is available by clicking here.

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