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Often when we are asked about the heritage of RyanTech we tell the story of our success. We go over examples like our hand in the development of the AAA car buying app, or the work we’ve done for the Kelly Blue Book website, but we don’t usually give an explanation of how we came to be or the foundation of what makes us different.


When our CEO Kevin was in high school, he would go surfing every morning before class started. He and his friends would banter about what surf board was best and he was always the odd man out with his Al Merrick board. If you’re not up to date on your surf board knowledge, don’t worry I’m not either, then you would notice some inspiration from Al Merrick in our logo. There are many similarities to RyanTech as a corporate culture to Kevin’s choice of Al Merrick even if it went against the grain. Our focus on what we believe in is what separates us in the technology sector. It’s often that I hear about staff having conversations that create lifelong partnerships with our clients. It’s not rare for us to have a discussion with someone about mobile app development and recommend they rework their idea in a specific area before we can continue forward with a cost structure. There’s a reason we don’t charge to hear out your idea, or to discuss if something is viable. We aren’t interested in projects, application developments, or customers just for the paycheck. We are interested solely in your success.

If you’re looking to power your business or startup with email, any of Microsoft’s suite of Cloud offerings managed by us, network infrastructure, Azure architecture, or application development, then we’re here to help.


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