Business Operations Solutions

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Automate communication between departments with workflows.

Quick and Easy

Solutions that are easy to use and ready to go.


1. Easy to Use: we make it easy to manage your operations, from approval processes that go to your email to systematically storing important data.

2. Based in the Cloud: access our solution from your computer, phone, or tablet. It's available wherever you need it.

3. Streamline Communication: your operations are only as fast as your weakest link.

4. Manage Workflows: create notifications when orders come in, record financial information securely and easily. The options are endless.

Business Operations Solutions

We simplify your business operations by creating automation, workflows, and approval processes into an easy to use application. Instead of cycling paper between departments, we can quickly and affordably implement solutions to automate your team.

Take a look at some of the examples below.

Let's Talk Cloud

Leverage the collaborative power of Outlook 365 and SharePoint Calendars to streamline event planning and management by connecting your Outlook calendar directly to as many SharePoint calendars as you want:

sharepoint calendar

Get notified anytime a list item is created or edited that is relevant to your department or role:

service ticketing workflow

Let workflow-driven processes pass the ball to each player in every new step of an approval process, from the initial request all the way to completion:

check request workflow

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