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How To Get Your Deleted E-mails Back

The dreaded accidental deletion of an email, ​everyone's been there one time or another. No need to fret! These emails can be recovered and brought back to your inbox in Outlook and here's how its done:

  •  All deleted emails are moved into the 'Deleted Items' folder and they remain in the 'Deleted Items' folder until manually deleted from there.
  • To bring a deleted email back to your inbox, simply right click on the email, select 'Move' then 'Inbox,' and this will move the deleted email back to your inbox.

I know, seems simple, right? And it is! But what if it's deleted out of the 'Deleted Items' folder or you clear that folder out completely before realizing a needed email was in there? Well, there is a way to get that email back as well, but you have to act fairly quickly:

  •  If an email is deleted out of the 'Deleted Items' folder, it is moved to the 'Recover Deleted Items' folder for 30 days. You can recover the email from that folder within 30 days of deletion. Here are the steps to recover the deleted email:

    • Click on the 'Deleted Items' folder
    • Click on the 'Recover Deleted Items from Server' button in the taskbar at the top of Outlook
    • Click on the email that needs to be recovered in the 'Recover Deleted Items' folder that pops up on your screen and select 'OK'
    • The email will be moved back into your 'Deleted Items' folder and will need to be transferred to your 'Inbox' if desired

Outlook in Office 365 has fail safes like this everywhere and we can help you learn more about what Outlook can do along with all of the other Office 365 applications. If you have more questions about this, or other questions surrounding Outlook, reach out to our Support Team! They can help answer any questions you have and help train you along the way!

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